The First Full Day


I would say that one of the most surprising things about being in the intensely hot earth oven of Australia is that it’s flippin’ freezing. I didn’t necessarily expect it to be boiling straight away but it’s colder than London at the moment. The temperature required the drastic action of wearing socks and a cardigan in bed. I trust the previous sentence has given you an insight into my glossy, party hard lifestyle.

We got our first, daylight view of Melbourne yesterday and I loved it. It’s very much what I imagined. There’s a friendly, laid back, clean, architecturally interesting, buzzy shizzle going on. Haven’t even scratched the surface yet though.

Walking in this crab-like motion meant it took Susie six hours just to travel four metres

Walking in this crab-like motion meant it took Susie six hours just to travel four metres

We spent a large chunk of the day in Melbourne library as it has free internet access. It’s my favourite library in the world so far and I’ve been in three previously so I should know. It’s huge, ornate, full of blinking books and has lots of nooks and the occasional cranny. The only downside is that the internet connection is frustratingly slow. We searched for apartments and contacted a few possibilities but no concrete leads yet.

We returned to the Youth Hostel in the evening and went to the kitchen to conjure up a little culinary magic. There were a few people in there already having a meal. I said “hello” as improvisational conversation is one of my strengths. My greeting landed with a thud on the floor and scuttled, whimpering under the kitchen cupboards. Their only response were slightly confused, hostile blank looks. I haven’t had that kind of reception since I accidentally went into the ladies toilets at The Dolphin swimming pool in Romford back in 1985.

I pressed on and made a tasty little pasta with pesto, spicy salami and mushrooms. The full recipe can be found on Ceefax page 644.


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  1. 1 RuRu

    Is that Steve’s fave cardigan in the pic? I think we should be told.

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