Fun Times in Fitzroy


As my loyal, regular readership fan base (hi mum) will know, we moved into an apartment in Fitzroy about two weeks ago. It’s a converted warehouse on the third floor of what used to be a furniture store back in the early 1900’s. A little bit of online detective work uncovered a photo of the place from 1906:-



I took a photo from outside this morning and as you can see below, it’s hardly changed at all:-



The building is listed so remains pretty much untouched – leaving us with an insanely large, open plan space. Our three fellow ex-furniture store dwellers are all of the bohemian bent which lends the place an arty atmos.  

inside warehouse


Inside warehouse at night

Arty, bohemian pad or brothel based, killing spree crime scene? You decide. Please don't contact me to inform me of your decision

The first flatmate I met was Josh – a graphic designin’ comrade in arms. I had let myself in as we’d picked up the keys a few days before. This initial meeting was lent a certain unexpected frisson by Josh’s nudity. He had just finished showering and was making the fairly long trek back to his room when I strolled in. Fortunately he had a towel with him which made introductions (if not anything as risky as a handshake) possible.

Having both agreed that any chance of a wrestle was out of the question, I was introduced to the remainder of my housepals. They all proved to be extremely welcoming and friendly – selfishly not doing anything controversial which could be worked up into an anecdote to flesh out this blog post.

Fitzroy is in North Melbourne and is populated by happy hipsters wearing impossibly tight, skinny jeans and slightly pained expressions. It’s packed with unique bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres, markets, delis, vintage shops, galleries and um… it might have a Debenhams? 

Me looking at cakes

Those cakes were undressing me with their tiny little eyes


Susie and bear boy

Susie standing next to a boy-child dressed as a bear. A sentence I hoped I would never have to write.

There’s so much to see and do that it can be slightly overwhelming. So, in an act of unprecedented selflessness I have compiled a list of my top three places to frequent if you ever visit the North Melbourne area in a brand new feature the media are calling:-

Top Three Places to Frequent if you Ever Visit the North Melbourne Area

1. Bimbos

Great pizza at a price that won’t break the bank is an unimaginative marketing slogan that this particular restaurant / bar should adopt as it’s actually true. Unbelievably tasty dough and cheese-based fare at only $4 a pop, beer on tap, a pool table, huge sinkable-into couches and a name that could be described as faintly amusing if you’re very-very-very easily pleased (Bimbos!!!??? What are they like??!! LOL!!).

2. Cinema Nova

For those of you who have never visited a cinema – imagine a Bubbletron (C360 HB) made with a 200m blanket. Hold that image in your mind sack while I pour word-glory sauce all over Cinema Nova. 

This feature-film-featuring-dream-palace employs the admirable policy of screening an eclectic mix of art house independents, big screen smashes and classic…um.. films for the saintly price of $6 on a Monday. That’s just £3 in Her Majesty’s paper tokens or a tiny portion of a 19th century candlestick holder if you deal in stolen church artifacts.

3. The Grace Darling Hotel

If you’re anything like me (a location independent graphic designer named David / Dave with an ass that just won’t quit) you will be very much in favour of a drinking establishment that offers roaring open fires, a pool table, a selection of fine wines and has been named after an English Victorian heroine who made a celebrated maritime rescue in 1838.

The Grace Darling hotel features all of the above and much, much more besides although I can’t specifically think what those things are at the moment.

If you have any recommendations of places that should be added to the list, please let me know. All suggestions entered will win the opportunity to be plagarised by me in future posts.


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