Road Trip – Part 1


Before leaving Melbourne for good, we decided to take a road trip to the more rural outskirts as a final huzzah. We hotwired a motor (sort of) and headed for destination number one – Healesville, famous for its Wineries and sense of whimsy.

Having arrived at our first Vineyard of the day, we took a ‘How We Make Wine’ guided tour (it’s complicated but involves grapes and a can-do attitude) before hitting the tasting bar while feigning interest in Cheese Knives. I sampled quite a few glasses in an effort to maintain my meticulously high journalistic standards. I can confirm that wine is nice and makes my tummy feel all warm.

Fruity, full-bodied, delicious and sensual. The wine's not bad either. Thank you and goodnight.

Our third Winery ‘tasting’ sesh was run by a Hungarian chap who I immediately decided was my absolutely best mate, no, no, sheriously, he’s my best mate. He joined us in knocking back a few impudently flirtatious Merlots and we formed a magical bond that can only exist between drunken strangers. The hardcore geniality took a bit of a hit when mine host slurred that he wouldn’t let us leave if we didn’t buy something and would lock the doors…

…awkward pause…

…ha ha ha… ha?


We joined in rather half-heartedly with his laughter before buying a massively overpriced bottle of red and scarpering. 

The next morning Steve and I made use of the hotel pool with an astonishing grace and youthful athleticism that surprised even ourselves.

Give me an 'L'...

We spent the afternoon visiting an art gallery in stunningly beautiful surrounds. The art took second place for Susie and Steve who insisted on mucking about on the hill outside. Philistines. 

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We were up at the crack of 11.17am the next day and hit the road (I am speaking metaphorically). Our plan was to take a trip down Memory Lane with a short comfort break at Reminiscences Service Station on our way to Noble Park – Susie’s childhood home from the ages of eight to ten. We paid homage at her old school, family home and local shopping mall.

Coca-Cola take a decidedly low-key approach in latest poster campaign

Please visit again soon for ‘Road Trip Part 2 – Gross Out Director’s Cut’.


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