Södermalm Shooting


We have just had two weeks of super fun times subletting an apartment in Södermalm. However, the gaiety bubble was momentarily burst when a chap got shot at point blank range a few metres from our flat. As the bullet tore through his flesh he may have been thinking “this will make a really funny blog post for somebody”. He was wrong as the next seven paragraphs demonstrate.

I had just returned home from an early evening stroll when I heard what sounded like a gunshot followed by shouting and running footsteps. “Hello”, I says, “that sounds like someone’s been shot”, I says. I didn’t actually believe it though as it seemed so hugely unlikely. I calmly continued with my embroidery while Susie rushed to the window. “You might wanna take a look at this”, said Susie like an actor playing a forensics expert on a detective show. 

A group of about ten people had gathered at the end of the street and were focused on something hidden from our view by the building on the corner. Everyone appeared fairly relaxed and it didn’t have the panicked aura I have come to associate with the scene of gangland shootings. 

I was just about to suggest opening a bottle of red to help us recover from the shock when girl detective Susie Harrison announced she was going outside to investigate. I laid out a tightly argued two-point plan predicated on dual scenarios detailing why this was not a good idea:-

A. Somebody has just been shot which means there is a killer type fellow running around with a gun. Best to stay inside.

B. Nobody has been shot which means nothing has happened and there is nothing to see. Best to stay inside.

Susie had absolutely no argument to that. This was because she had already left. She returned five minutes later with confirmation that somebody had indeed been right duffed up by a bullet. A man in his forties, dressed in a suit was apparently lying on the pavement writhing and moaning in agony. However, he had only been shot in the leg the big attention seeking fairy.

DI Harrison questioned several eye witnesses and discovered that the assailant had been wearing some kind of mask and dark hoodie (honestly, young people and their ‘fashions’!). He had run off to have a good long look at himself in the mirror and think about what he’d done I should hope.

We continued to monitor the situation from our bedroom window and watched the police cordon off the area as the paramedics loaded ‘ol’ moany breeches’ into the back of an ambulance.

A medical crew arrive to take a seriously injured man to hospital. LOL.


Within hours the story was all over the news and they revealed that somebody else had been shot in a similar manner quite close by just a few hours before. This led to speculation of links to the mafia (who I think do a super job in often trying circumstances). As yet, no arrests have been made. Mr ‘look at me I’ve been shot’ has left hospital and is on the way to making a full recovery.


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