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Susie and I have been living in Paris for the last six months which has given me the opportunity to write part four of a 6234 part series of city guides. So far we have had Lisbon or Lisboff, Brno or Bryes and Berlin or Berlout. Now comes Paris or Parisn’t which offers exclusive insight […]

Czech Us Out


Our new Gadabout home is the Czech Republic as the pun-erific title suggests. To be more specific we are in Brno (pronounced Brno) which is the eager to please, sandy haired young sibling to Prague’s swaggering, heavily tattooed older brother. We have been renting an apartment near the erotically named Cabbage Market in the city […]

Lagos Goss(ip)


After three months, it was with a heavy heart and lightly muscled calves that we bid farewell to Lisbon. Before heading to our next official Gadabout destination we decided to treat ourselves to a mini-holiday in Lagos. This was not the warring hell-pit in Nigeria (fully booked) but rather the Lagos on the Portuguese coast. […]

Following my recent forensic profiling of Lisbon’s premiere tourist attraction, I have been inundated with emails. On the surface, these emails mainly offer cheap, erectile dysfunction medicine – which obviously I don’t need! (I’ve already got loads). However, reading between the lines I think they may actually be saying “thank you for your recent forensic […]

The Castelo de São Jorge sits on a hilltop overlooking Lisbon and has successfully repelled all enemy attacks since 1147. Judging from our own experience, this is almost certainly because the invading hordes couldn’t find the flamin’ entrance. Susie and I wandered the dizzying labyrinth of streets surrounding the castle, looking for a way in […]

New Zealand is infamous as the adrenaline junkie’s Mecca. There is no better place in the world to experience danger apart from Croydon high street at 3am. Having successfully mastered snorkeling, I flew out to this heart pumping paradise, eager to take on my next challenge.  Unfortunately, all skydiving, bungy jumping and possibility-of-death activities in […]

Port Douglas


We flew out of Brisbane on Sunday morning and landed in the tropical paradise of Port Douglas two hours later. Like any good Gadabout, the first thing I did after checking in to our accommodation (The Port O’Call Lodge – clean, big beds, air con, swimming pool and bar – recommended), was to read the […]