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I will always remember where I was on February 20th 2012. That day is burned on my brain like 9/11 or when Prince Edward announced his engagement to PR professional Sophie Rhys-Jones back in 1999. It was dark outside when I woke that Monday morning and something immediately felt different. I went through my usual […]

Susie and I have been living in Paris for the last six months which has given me the opportunity to write part four of a 6234 part series of city guides. So far we have had Lisbon or Lisboff, Brno or Bryes and Berlin or Berlout. Now comes Paris or Parisn’t which offers exclusive insight […]

The Musee de la Magie is a fascinating collection of shimmering wonders or airless, overpriced tat cave depending on your grip on reality. It only took me five minutes to complete a full circuit; it would have been two but most exhibits were hogged by young children. This forced me to wait for an opportune […]

Tour de Farce


To many, the Tour de France is the shining pinnacle of athletic achievement and engrossing drama. To me, it’s a bunch of doped up strangers on bicycles going up a big hill. If they found a way to incorporate cricket (at the time of writing they have not) this would be the most pointlessly boring […]

Paris Match


Bonjour mon petit lapin. We have hit the dusty gadabout track again and are in Paris, France, Europe. Now, it would be all too easy for me to raise crassly cheap laughs by dredging up hackneyed French stereotypes so that will hopefully make writing this blog much more straightforward. We will be here for at […]