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We knew exactly how our baby was going to be born. It would take place at our local Birth Centre, accompanied by relaxing music in a softly lit room containing a pool. Susie’s pain would be conquered by measured breathing and the generous application of my sensitive yet masculine touch. Turns out we were wrong. […]

Hello Gadabout fanatics. I would apologise for my recent lack of blogging output but you almost certainly haven’t noticed and it seems a shame to draw attention to it. We’ve spent the last few months lolling in London and I’m ready to once again take a sideways look at life as a Location Independent design […]



We left our rented flat in Copenhagen (oh yeah, forgot to mention we went to Copenhagen) and headed for the airport to catch an EasyJet flight back to London. As EasyJet do not allocate seat numbers a long, grimly determined queue had formed outside the departure gate. There was an uneasy atmos as our fellow […]

Newark, Newark


After six months of awanderin’, our travelling tootsies once again caressed Her Majesty’s United Kingdom at 5am in a grey Heathrow. There was no time to get teary eyed though as Susie’s brother Dave was shortly to create a union of hearts with his betrothed and I was headed straight to Newark for the stag […]