I’m the Gadabout that ‘About a Gadabout’ is about. I go by many, many different names. These are David and also Dave.

I’m a self employed graphic designer (www.brightsparkcreative.com) and am location independent. This means that I live and work pretty much where the mood takes me and have clients from all over the world including Swindon.

My girlfriend Susie is also location independent and we travel together which is handy as the cost of phone calls could otherwise prove prohibitive.

This blog is partly about my ongoing struggle to crack unsolved international crimes by refusing to play by the rules but in the main I focus on living a location independent lifestyle and having interesting, fun, creative experiences.

Any similarity to persons either living or dead is unsurprising.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello,
    I`ve just wanted to tell you that I have been in touch with lovely Elena Cosby, only this time, her apartment has magically moved to Berlin:)

  2. 2 davexxxx

    She is lovely isn’t she. Make sure she provides you with a personal gym and sauna in the Berlin flat. Don’t want her ripping you off.

  3. 3 Nigel

    Hi Dave. Hope you’re doing OK. Went for a curry with Dom and Rob last night and they suggested I check out your blog. Not sure where you are now but it would be good to catch up. Cheers Nigel

    • 4 davexxxx

      Hi Nigel,

      Excellent to hear from you! I’m in Paris at the moment but plan to be in London in June. Are you still London based? Yes, would be fantastic to catch up. I’ll email you when I know the dates I’ll be back and can we can work out something specific. Drinking cans of Red Stripe at the ‘Brush with Elastica booming would obviously be ideal.


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